Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Photek Ui

Most Ui mods are tedious to configure, and really don't make a difference. One that stands out though is Photek Ui. This provides a compilation of actually useful addons to give wow a new look, and make playing more efficient . Here is what the package includes.

Download Me.

This is a 100% working Photek Remix plus other mods, Zero Bugs found heavily tested. Raid/PVP Friendly. Install Instructions included in ReadMe. Full UI Replacement Includes ClearFont Bartender3 Bongos (Default) ChatMOD CT_Raid Assist CT_Raid Tracker (EQ DKP Moded) Damage Meters ElkBuffBar Equip Compare FuBar+FuBar Mods GMail IceHUD(Default Disabled} KLH Threat Meter La Vendetta Boss/BG Mods mEnemyCastBar (for AG_UnitFrames) MobHealth oCB oRA SCT SCTD SCT Options Simple Combat Log Squeenix Bagnon Wardrobe

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