Monday, March 26, 2007


IpodLinux is a customized uClinix designed for ipod use, and it offers advancements over the apple OS that comes with the iPod.

First of all, the Linux provides a watered down Os, that can run custom applications to perform functions a computer would, such as text, an Encyclopodia, and a modified version of Doom, known as iDoom.

Encylopodia, offers a 1.4gig version of Wikipedia for "on the go" use.

iDoom brings the classic f[s doom to the iPod Its basically a converted version of the classic "Doom" shareware but with custom WAD files added to it allows custom textures and models, and allows games like that somewhat resembling Counterstrike to be played in WAD format.

Note: Its a doom mod to look like counterstrike, If you want Cs get a comp.

Heres a link for a download to get started.

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