Tuesday, August 14, 2007

During his QuakeCon 2007 press conference id Software co-founder and programmer John Carmack revealed no less than four upcoming Quake games!

For starters there’s Quake Zero. It’s a completely free webgame AKA browser-based game.

To quote: “What we’re going to do is take the Quake III: Arena code base assets, strip it down and set it up so that its essentially a free Web application [but would still likely be a separate application]. We’d have a community-based service where the game is an accessory to the Web site rather than being a standalone thing. Chunk it up for easy, quick installs, and see what we can do with sponsorships and advertising in-game. Quake Zero for zero cost. We’d try and polish it a little, but this isn’t a flashy game.”

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