Thursday, January 25, 2007


I recently participated in the creation of an Advancement warcraft video, (Im the Ocean Running Footage), take a look and experiment.

Thundara originally created 2 movies featuring City Jumping and Vertical Running, but I had only released them on the Nogg-aholic Private Forums. After they closed, He felt like showing the tricks to the rest of the world to figure out. These tricks were all live (2.0.2) and are completely possible without hacks.

City Jumping: The trick that started all these discoveries off. It was a simple one though, one that allowed you to cache on anything around you letting you jump up to any height. Found by Thundara.

Vertical Running: A nifty little trick that allows the user to run up any slope, ever a completely vertical one thus earning it's name. Found by Dalroc.

Ocean Running: Based off City Jumping, this trick allowed you to move as if you were on land, when in a body of water. A added bonus to it though, was being swap between swimming and falling/running by turning the camera specific ways. Found by Dalroc(?).

Air Swimming: A trick quite different from the rest in the setup. It gave the ability to swim through the air. However it made the physics extremely strange, and ended letting you move through anything. Also the character animation switches between land and ocean physics repeatedly. Found by Fenryr.

Again, I'll repeat, these tricks were done live during the 2.0.2 patch and involved no hacks.

Extra thanks to Kopfi and Floodge for contributing clips when I realized I deleted most of mine (>_<) Song is Out of Space - Prodigy Edit: About the size, there was a bit of a problem with rendering...I may fix it...but probably not, it's only 30 mb more :P

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