Thursday, January 25, 2007

Noggit Released.

Nogg-it, A world editor for the 1.12 version of Wow was recently released. Created by Cryect, a member of Nogg-Aholic, this editor is almost perfectly crafted and is a must for custom Manchinima use. It allows users to create their own "World" as opposed to just living in the one Blizzard created, and I already have crafted my own realms and islands.

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A highly modified version of WoWMapViewer that allows the editing of ADT Map Files. Only works with WoW 1.12 since its not been in main use since 2.0 was released. If Darjk releases his WoWMapViewer 0.6 code it should be easy to fix with a few replacements.

This was used for the collaboration project NAC (NoggAholic Collaboration) which unofrtunatley due to other time commitments was never finished. The tool is being released now since the new patch 2.0.3 basically breaks the use of it and its always been my intention to release this tool in the event Blizzard finally nerfs it (only takes a year after we've been working on it to happen).

I'm not going to explain how to make use of any of the stuff but you need WoW 1.12 installed for it to work with and then how would you actually use these files I will not explain.

As well there is a bunch of command line tools that will let you add new objects etc to files if you figure out how to use them but not going to write up anymore than is included in the readme.txt with them.

DISCLAIMER: These tools are intended for use in machinima and other artistic items and not as a method of cheating.

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